The many uses of chitosan

Chitosan is a natural product derived from plant fiber, it significantly binds to fat, acting like a "fat sponge" in digestive tract. 

Chitosan is not digestible, therefore has no caloric value. This and the fat binding property are what make it attractive for weight control.

Chitosan blocks digestion and absorption of fatty substances, ad-sorbs and excretes cholesterol, accelerates transformation of cholesterol, prevents and improves cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Chitosan has major functions in the human body: 

-       Lowers fatty substances in blood

-       Lowers blood pressure, Chitosan lowers total serum cholesterol and triglycerides; cardiovascular protective factor (high-density lipoprotein) combines with prime culprit in causing hypertension (chlorine ions) and excretes these from the body; prevents other diseases caused by hypertension.



-       Prevention of atherosclerosis and heart disease


-       Chitosan lowers bad cholesterol, prevents cholesterol from attaching itself and coagulating into a thrombus in blood vessel which blocks blood circulation. 


-       Prevention of high blood pressure caused by too much salt in food, Chitosan adsorbs fat and sugar molecule. It combines with excess salt and chlorine ions and excretes these from the body, inhibiting rise in blood pressure.


-       Adsorption and excretion of heavy metals from the body, Positively-charged ionizedChitosan adsorbs heavy metals and promotes excretion from the body. It prevents accumulation of heavy metals in the body and preserves health by maintaining balance of body electrolytes.


-       Improvement of digestive function, Chitosan increases ability of beneficial bacteria to fight against harmful bacteria. It accelerates reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the liver, improves function of the digestive tract so that the body can effectively absorb nutrients and restore liver function.


Source: Budimans

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